This landmark building sits above the old market of Santa Caterina, which in turn is located on the ruins of the convent that bears his name. In 1997, the Barcelona City Council held a competition to remodel this space, competition won the architectural EMBT Associates, architects by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. Located near the Cathedral of Barcelona in the neighborhood of Sant Pere.

The intervention includes a museum of the ruins found during the work (Convent of Santa Caterina), and housing for older people. Try to respond to various spatial aspects of the neighborhood. By highlighting the redistribution of public space as a collective space where it should be a balance and coexistence between people of very diverse types, in a place of narrow, winding streets.

The plant of about 7,000 m² of surface (100 × 70 m), is bounded by ancient perimeter walls of the original market. The project consists of two underground floors, where there are parking spaces and a space for garbage collection and other dependencies needed to run the market.

The project won the 1998 needed an intensive process over the next two years, concluding in a basic project that would include the changes that had provided historical information on the time of excavation. In 2000 Enric Miralles died, was his wife, Benedetta Tagliabue, who took charge of finalizing the market works